Decatur Fire Station No. 1

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This project consisted of the renovation of the historic Decatur Fire Station No. 1 which was originally constructed circa 1956 in the modern or international style. A large component of the renovation was the adaptation of living spaces for co-ed use, including conversion of the original communal dormitory and restrooms into private sleeping pods and bathrooms. Significant technology upgrades now enable the building to function as an emergency response center. The renovation is being evaluated for LEED Platinum. Sustainable technologies include high-efficiency equipment, green roof garden, geothermal heat pump system, solar water heating, and rainwater and greywater reclamation.

Unique structural engineering aspects of the renovation included concrete and masonry repair and restoration of the historic training tower, a second story addition for new dormitory space, structural analysis and design of an existing concrete pan joist floor for relocation of the fire pole, and carbon fiber reinforcing of existing concrete beams and joists to accommodate additional loads from the new green roof and rooftop solar array.


Size 12,500 sf Completed 2012
Budget $2,550,000 Owner City of Decatur, GA
Services Structural Engineering Category Municipal, Fire Station, Renovation, Addition, LEED, Solar, Green Roof


  • City of Decatur Historic Preservation Commission 2013 Design Award
  • LEED Platinum (under review)

Project represents personal experience of Malcolm Foss, PE gained while employed at another firm. Erudite Engineers was not involved with this project. Malcolm Foss, PE served as structural engineer of record on this project while employed at McVeigh & Mangum Engineering, Inc.