Specialty Engineering

A Specialty Engineer is a licensed professional engineer responsible for sealing plans and designs for Pre-Engineered Structural Elements or for the delegated design of elements of a construction project that are not designed by the Structural Engineer of Record, but which are necessary for the structure to be completed. The Specialty Engineer is usually retained by a supplier or subcontractor who is responsible for the design, fabrication and (sometimes) installation of engineered elements or by the General Contractor or Subcontractor(s) responsible for construction related services. Erudite Engineers serves as Specialty Structural Engineer of Record for delegated design of such structural elements as:

  • structural steel connections
  • cold formed (light gage) steel
  • post-tensioned concrete
  • heavy timber connections
  • temporary shoring

We provide specialty structural engineering services to contractors, subcontractors, fabricators, material suppliers, manufacturers and others. If you are responsible for the delegated design of structural elements of a construction project, and you need design assistance, please contact us. We can provide structural design, stamped calculations, and construction drawings/shop/erection drawings.